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May 3, 2014 5:30am PDT
growing crisis in ukraine at the request of russia in its second request a week the un undersecretary general for political affairs jeffrey feldman read a statement by the un secretary general ban ki moon in a bun urged all sides to exercise maximum restraint and appeal to those with grievances to voice them peacefully. he also called for all parties to respectfully ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. i bought also announcing that felt and will travel to kiev and moscow next week to promote de escalation. the rest is a to the un calling upon the west to stop its destructive policy toward ukraine. he also called for the self acclaimed powers in kiev to swiftly hold alternative operations. the us ambassador to the un saying that the current violence in ukraine is caused by the militias supported by russia and the us supports the government's assault on anti government protesters ukraine's ambassador to the un is blaming the anti government protesters for the current violence meanwhile china's envoy to the un is saying a political solution to the crisis is the only way out.
May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
reactions from russia we're now joined by correspondence. i know are done you must go on sunday can you tell this one is the response from the russian government. the latest gunfire slow dance. i have been no response yet from the russian government on this latest incident in the house. what else but said the russian government has set in the past repeatedly that using the event that you keep the ukrainian government decides to use force against its own people we would be a crime and as we know from what delete as we know is that the interim defense minister often crave ice in the bark of confirmed that a helicopter was shot he said want least one person was killed and another one was injured there were reports of a second helicopter which was forced to land and i on the second pilot who was reportedly taken. i didn't cuss taken hostage by the pro russian separatist a bus in the nl reports that the holidays the pilot and was injured and is beating and she gets out by the magnetite the young doctors seem to fly thousand sq so that's it. that is the latest from here. terri leo western countrie
May 1, 2014 5:30am PDT
attained russia's military and cache to kiev on suspicion of espionage. he has been ordered to leave the country. it cited the ukrainian foreign ministry that the diplomatic skill was not named was detained on wednesday while undertaking intelligence activities. the ministry could not immediately be reached for comment. now still in ukraine acting president of the leaks and attention on has declared that the country is in a state of high alert and has set up military squad wants to help the company. one of the key of demonstrated in the eastern city of dani asked what a pro independence activists have declared the donning of people's republic and cctv searches on has been following the situation. incense and running co need and it's one of the centers of the anc keep protests in eastern ukraine. on wednesday rumors of a possible attack. this was the social media the swimming pool that the graft what they could to come on to protect this building the regional administration council now under the control of the self proclaimed the new people's republic. we read on the internet that there c
Apr 30, 2014 5:30am PDT
secretary of state john kerry has warned russia that make the nato alliance would defend every piece of its territory. to make it absolutely clear to the kremlin. that nato territory is in the wild bull we will defend every single piece of that article five of the nato treaty must mean something. and our allies on the frontlines need and deserve no less. kiri on tuesday called the prices in ukraine a wakeup call for any job that requires an alliance with my effort and the city cannot continue to allow an allied defense budgets to shrink. kerry also called on the european union members to carry out more cooperation in the energy sector and to reduce their attachment to russian energy supplies. rush and the lebanese who has said moscow sees no need for further sanctions against the west after the eu and the us and the opening round of sanctions against russia but he also said russia could reconsider the protest a patient of western companies in russia's economy including energy projects the russian president made the statement after meeting with the leaders of the woods and kazakhstan
Apr 29, 2014 5:30am PDT
include characters and access to consume. the eye. they say its us wants fresh sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine the masters including assets creases and hit the dance acts seven russian individuals and seventeen companies close to the kremlin cctv staff the customer has been following the developments and give this more details among the seven individuals named for asset freezes and travel bans. these folks these are igor section the president of brosnan the russian state oil company the chairman of rottnest was also a knight named annie got a leg up eleven c at the moment of the russian presidential envoy to crimea and dimitri cars after russian deputy prime minister now seventeen companies were also sanctioned i didn't fall into three categories of finance and infrastructure for russia's energy and transportation industries. at thirteen of the seventeen will also be denied us high tech exports. that could help build up the russian military and the americans announced this third count of sanctions us president barack obama has acknowledged that but now with the group
Apr 28, 2014 5:30am PDT
in that country. the g seven meets on monday to consider new sanctions against russia for its actions against ukraine. the new penalties are expected to target defense companies controlled by people close to russian president lahoud content the us and european union already have assets phrases and travel bans against a russian individuals and companies accused of playing a part in the so called annexation of crimea the western sanctions against russia and its actions the new craze may do some more damage to the russianconomy. that's cheew trade dls tds the russian g last year oneoint three percent the slowest pace since the global financial crisis the opinion slow recovery played a critical role in russia's slow down and if the eu now come to an anti deals. things may worsen in russia the russian government thinks that a lot of capital outflow could put the economy in contraction oppression they tried to keep the wolves at bay. i came to asia for more training. and speaking of asia japan has seen the fastest lap in retail sales for the last seventeen years. retail sales rose g
Apr 27, 2014 5:30am PDT
matter if we're in russia ukraine for a new state of the most important thing is that the people must rule their country and not the oligarchs. that life inside the answer is no included in the sense that this is currently being housed by auntie jasmine to ten men. c'mon this is a part of a gemini and mitre edification mission. few in the leadership of the gears in the above is a dvd. all the military people were detained are suspected of carrying intelligence activities in our character was the only news to me. we found a map with them that had all our locations worked on. that's why tell you did just that madelyn is enough for us to consider them as spies the anti government forces said department of health has called a health care in something and somebody in this building lights behind me. he said they should be beneath me in exchange for some of that prison as parkinson's cctv not the answer. in ukraine the organization for security and cooperation in europe or the osc he is standing in negotiating team to start the odds to work on fleeing the detained observers in eastern ukrain
Apr 26, 2014 5:30am PDT
russia has cut its growth full house. it appears to be a result of the economic sanctions imposed by the us and eu. just as president barack obama threatens to impart is even more sanctions cctv from boston tied to hope that the economic implications of the confrontation between russia and ukraine. the new commanders needs to come to government buildings occupied by pro russian government in eastern ukraine. economists in moscow toward a possible capital flight from russia the russian government admits that of a sixty billion dollars has left the country so far this year. the ruble has lost around nine percent of its value since january get some economists say the russian economy can still expand into what they said oh yes the station. maybe it was then waited for costs but still with the save as much space for a second half of the cia. some call. oh well i should say that russia can also perform better. then we four crusty and golden case scenario. the file from the pole that create tension was come down very soon the new one has such optimism on the streets near the country's fi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8